Thong Swimwear and Thong bathing suits - definitions - resource guide


There seems to be some confusion about just what is a thong bathing suit or thong swimwear.  Besides thong swimsuits, there are names like Tanga and Tonga.  What's the difference?  Well, quite frankly not much.  Thong swimwear is denoted by the bottom coverage.  Anything that fits in the lower crack of the buttocks and then slowly rises and widens to the waistband can be considered a thong bathing suit.  These swimsuits can be a two piece thong bikini or a one piece swimsuit. It is generally recognized that modern day thong swimwear came from South Pacific designs worn by natives of the areas.  Modern day thong swimwear, besides showing more of the derriere, are promoted as being extremely comfortable once you get used to the new, albeit strange, feeling.


A bottom that fits in the crack of the buttocks and doesn't widen as it progresses up is generally referred to as a g-string.  The other noted difference between a g string is that most thong bikinis have a continuous piece of material that runs up the crotch and around the waist where the g-string, as the name implies, has a string that runs around the waist to which the crotch piece attaches.


For more clarification, below are photos of two different Thong Bathing Suits.  On the right is an example of One piece thong swimwear and the other of course is a thong bikini bathing suit.  These photos are courtesy of Brigitewear, a California swimwear company.


Thong bikini swimwear from Brigitewear        One piece thong bathing suit by Brigitewear

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While the above are examples of thong bathing suits and thong swimwear, below is a example of a g-string bikini or g string swimsuit, note the differences in the back and the waist..


G-string bikini or g string bikini swimsuit by Brigitewear        G-String bikini swimsuit St. Tropez by Brigitewear


There are numerous suppliers of thong swimwear today, most though are still on the internet.  Since thong bathing suits are not worn by a large segment of the population, only the larger cities and/or beach towns will actually have stores that stock thong swimsuits.  Probably the largest supplier of strictly thong swimwear is Brigitewear International of California.  Brigitewear has a large line of thong swimwear and g string bikinis as well as some very unique topless thong bathing suits like the ones pictured below. 



Brigitewear has two sites where you can view and purchase thong swimwear products, one is and the other is , both sites offer secure online purchases and have been in business for many years.  Also, note both sites are tested for safety by several independent online testing organizations so you can be sure of confidential secure ordering.  There are a handful of other companies that also have an array of thong swim wear available such as Ujena, Wicked Weasal and Venus, but Brigitewear is the largest to specialize. 


Here is another example of thong swimwear for women.  This is a one piece sheer thong bathing suit from Brigitewear International of California.


Although it is hard to compile a list of thong swimwear friendly beaches, here is a list of the top 10 topless beaches in the world which of course are thong swimsuit friendly.